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Thomas & Friends: Train Play


Train Play

With Thomas & Friends, little engineers are the conductors of their own world!

Why Thomas?

Both experts and parents talk enthusiastically about what a rich and wonderful experience Thomas provides for pre-school children, especially boys.

With Thomas & Friends, little engineers are the conductors of their own world, a world they know intimately, a world they get to control and experiment with and be experts in, both socially and physically. Beyond just re-creating the stories they see on T.V., it is the "imagination sparking" nature of the stories that are so rich, engaging, personal and ownable to kids

What is the secret of the success of Thomas & Friends? Years of experience of working with the characters, and observing the audience's reaction to them, have taught some fundamental facts that hold true in all things Thomas & Friends.


Thomas and his friends are real steam engines, they are not cartoons. Everything they do is based on real-life engines on real-life steam railways in a real-life landscape. Their surroundings depict traditional English countryside in the era of steam trains.


Thomas and his friends are always interacting with each other. It is in their everyday jokes, squabbles, schemes, friendships and rivalries that every child identifies with from their own lives.

Design and Development

The Thomas & Friends storylines involve everyday ups-and-downs that show the value of friendship and teamwork. Combined with imaginative toy design and bright, bold colours, Thomas and his friends encourage children to participate in their real-life adventures and safe homecomings.


Children are especially fascinated by the technical detail of Thomas and his friends, including their colours, faces and numbers, and their allotted tasks on the railway. When designing your projects, pay attention to the details, as children notice even the smallest of inaccuracies.

Why Train Play?

Train Play may seem simplistic compared to the hi-tech, automated toys of today; but studies have shown that the interactive way little ones play with trains makes them one of the most powerful developmental toys available!

Children learn best when they are active and engaged. That's what makes the Thomas & Friends family of railway systems (including Wooden RailwayTM, Take-AlongTM, and TrackMasterTM) so effective. With a myriad of characters, playsets and accessories, they inspire children to create their own exciting adventures and build their own unique worlds.

Engaging in Train Play with the characters of Sodor--with their distinct personalities and expressive faces--also supports the development of:

  • Colour & number recognition
  • Emotional awareness
  • Self-directed play
  • Critical motor skills

Parents can feel confident that while their little engineers are riding the rails with Thomas & Friends they are also developing valuable skills that will serve them well now and down the track.

The Benefits of Train Play With Thomas

Cognitive Skills

Train Play is brainy business! Fitting together track, constructing layouts, and dreaming up adventures in Sodor takes creativity, logical thinking, and planning.

Physical Skills

Train Play gets little ones up and moving! Making deliveries to Knapford, guiding engines along the track, and creating the best route to Tidmouth Sheds helps develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Social Skills

Train Play is full of feeling! As children act out stories from the Thomas & Friends books, TV shows or DVDs--or even dream up their own incredible adventures--they're learning valuable lessons about teamwork, sharing, and kindness.

  • Thomas Wooden RailwayTM Early Engineers Line

    The classic train system parents have loved for generations featuring Thomas & Friends has a new line designed especially for beginning engineers! Designed to captivate toddlers' imaginations while bringing Train Play within their grasp, the Thomas Wooden Railway Early Engineers Line features larger engines that are perfect for small hands as well as track and destinations that fit into simple molded layouts so everything stays securely in place. Best of all, this system is compatible with the Wooden Railway so as little engineers continue their journey with Thomas, they can easily expand and add to their Thomas Wooden Railway line.

  • Thomas Wooden RailwayTM

    Created more than fifteen years ago, the Thomas Wooden Railway line remains the classic train system that moms and dads rely on to bring the cherished Thomas & FriendsTM stories to life. With its quality wood craftsmanship and timeless appeal, the Thomas Wooden Railway features an array of engines, destinations and accessories for endless hours of imaginative, immersive play.

  • Thomas Take-n-Play

    Take-n-Play (formerly called Take Along Thomas) allows kids to take Thomas with them wherever they go. Each set is easy to transport and transforms into the Island of Sodor adventure in seconds. The die cast engines are durable and easy to store inside each set and the destinations are compatible.

  • Trackmaster

    Trackmaster makes Thomas and Friends come to life with motorized play. The Trackmaster system includes innovative, remote-controlled action, motorized engines, and other cool features with tons of kid appeal. This set is designed for lots of action and adventure. The tracks and engines are made of lightweight durable plastic.